1001 Ways to Do KONOS: Jessica’s Quasi Co-oping

It is August. Organizing time to set up your school year on all fronts. First, clean out your school room….always start school from an organized base. Second, begin planning your year’s schedule by choosing the units you will do putting them on the calendar, so you do not schedule school on Thanksgiving! Next, order books, curriculum, maps, supplies, etc. AND finally, begin to pray for and search for co-op partners to do this with! I have to confess. July 26th I turned 70 years old and that same week I had a KONOS co-op meeting at my home. Whoa… it does not look like I will every grow up! It all began when I reached out to three girls in the Dallas area on the KONOS FB page attempting to find co-op partners for one daughter-in-law, AND AT THE SAME TIME, another daughter-in-law asked if I would teach her daughter (aka my granddaughter) HOW I this year to which I said, “Yes, I would love to!”

This was a very unconventional get together… and that is precisely the point I want to make. There is not one way to co-op. You do what ever works for the people you are attempting to co-op with. One of the girls I reached out to on the KONOS FB page actually lives in Houston (270 miles away from McKinney)…but is in the process of selling her home in Houston and moving to Dallas surrounding area. She has six kids from 2-year-old to teens and has homeschooled for years. When I spoke with her on the phone, I immediately knew she was a lovely individual, so I thought we should Face Time her during our meeting, so she could judge for herself if she even wanted to get involved with any of us. 🙂 I want you, the reader, to get the idea that we are doing the work to connect and form a co-op, but there is a great deal we are leaving to The Lord, because it is beyond anything we can control. We are TRUSTING HIM.

We were shooting for an older group for HOW I AND a younger elementary group using KONOS Volume I. Because of previous commitments of several families, both groups decided we would quasi-co-op ….meaning we would get together for fandangoes, programs, field trips, and activities that required more than one kid to do successfully. This is a very fluid co-op arrangement, but three of the younger group moms nailed down several field trips placing them on the calendar for the younger group, while the kids played and learned 3-5 things about their new found friends.  I was to come back with field trips I proposed and a schedule for fandangoes for HOW I for the older group to approve, tweak, or opt out of. I inquired what day was best day for the older group, and was told Thursday or Friday were the best days, so I began scheduling “get togethers” on Thursdays on my calendar. Our Houston mom has her hands full now with a monumental move, but plans on evaluating whether she could/would join us when she gets here and finds a place to live. You can see why we are “fluid” or “quasi.” But I am excited to see what The Lord has in store for this year! We are believing in HIS provision for every good thing!