Jessica Hulcy KONOS - the problem and solution to quality educationEducational Problems That KONOS Answers

Because we live in a fast-paced world of jets, cell phones, and cyberspace, some foolishly reason that quality education is taking place when a student quietly clicks answers on a computer. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Problem

First of all, let us remove all the external over stimulation of the computer and get back to the basics of how kids learn best. Second let us factor in what Henrietta Mears, a renowned Bible teacher said, “God put the wiggle in children. Don’t you dare try to take it out.” But wiggle is certainly what has been taken out of education with “Shhh,” and “Be still and listen,” and “Don’t talk.” This non-movement, non-speaking, has resulted in a generation of non-thinkers with a herd mentality rather than thinkers of old who possessed Yankee ingenuity.

The Solution

The KONOS solution, in contrast, employs DOING, DISCOVERY, DRAMATIZING, AND DIALOGING … all in hands on activities that are remembered for a lifetime. Furthermore, the kids love doing hands on activities, because just as Henrietta Mears said, “God put the wiggle in children.” Consequently, teacher/parents are not fighting to hold the attention of their students when they use KONOS. The activities do all the holding of their attention as students enjoy “school.”

The Results

Most noteworthy however, is that what is learned stays learned rather than being quickly forgotten when learned for the test in a Pete and re-pete memorized for test only fashion. Kids remember what they have done, because they have used all their senses. The activity has allowed them to move, talk, discover, see, touch, taste, and compare information as it entered their brains through so many avenues. So the question is what way do your kids want to be taught? What results do you want as a teacher? We believe KONOSing is the best way to teach ALL kids. Come join us at KONOS teaching the best way for your kids!

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