"There is wisdom in many counselors."

While Wade and Jessica still want to share their wisdom and knowledge of how to best use/implement KONOS, we are positive there are at least 1,000,000 ways to use/implement KONOS! That is exactly how Jessica and Carole wrote KONOS in the beginning... to be personally tweaked by each and every mom to fit her family. We were suggesting "tweaking KONOS" before tweaking even became a popular word!

This is why we are so excited to give KONOS users access to 2 fabulous new voices for ways to tweak KONOS....

Annie Schrader
Shannon Gunter

Notice how young they are AND how young their kids are AND ALL the creativity they bring to their Blogs!!! We know you will be inspired by them!

Further, as Jessica's speaking at State Conventions was restricted after her 2009 near-fatal car wreck, KONOS is beginning to put her talks/slideshows on the website to encourage and instruct both new and old homeschoolers.

Lastly, many "old timers" have suggested more input from Wade as he used to give in the old days BEFORE FACEBOOK on the KONOS e-loop.... covering everything from teaching tips, to disciplining kids, to the importance of sports and physical education, to father's role, and to how to raise kids who shape our culture.

These are exciting additions to our website that we pray will encourage and bless you...

Wade and Jessica Hulcy