Choosing Curriculum Step 2: Assessing Your Child

When choosing curriculum most parents are OBSESSED with fallacious indicators such as…

  • the opinions of other homeschoolers about what curriculum is BEST for their kids,
  • what curriculum is used by the most homeschoolers or is popular at that time,
  • the curriculum that demands the least amount of parent involvement. 

At KONOS we are OBSESSED with 1st EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY and 2nd the KIDS WE TEACH, so we want to get to know how each child ticks and learns best.

We BELIEVE our focus should be how our children learn not what curriculum to purchase. We encourage you to….

       TEACH THE CHILD NOT THE CURRICULUM (put this saying on your refrigerator)

When evaluating each child,  below are some general questions to answer about each child.  We are going to address the first three to access how each child learns best for this article.


  • What brain side does he exhibit?
  • What is his temperament/personality?
  • What is his learning style? 
  • What is his “bent”, (i.e. talents and interests)?
  • What are his character flaws?
  • Where is he developmentally?
  • What motivates your child?

     RIGHT OR LEFT BRAINED? Looking at the diagrams below and assess which side of each child’s brain is dominate.

      TEMPERAMENT/PERSONALITY?  Next, assess each child’s personality or temperament used by John Trent in his book The Blessing. Temperament is usually a mix, but one is usually dominant. Write down the mix as well as the dominance for each child.


           Takes charge   

            Determined   Assertive    Decision maker

            Enterprising    Competitive    Enjoys challenge    Adventurous

            Bold   Purposeful    Firm     Goal Driven     Self-reliant







Loyal              Non-demanding

Even keeled       Avoids conflict

Enjoys routine             Protector

Deep relationships           Tolerant

Good listener              Adaptable

Sympathetic           Thoughtful       

Nurturing                      Patient



Takes risks     Visionary


 Promoter     Creative

      Very verbal

               Avoids detail

 Fun-loving                    Likes variety

             Enjoys change            Group oriented

     Mixes easily            Optimistic       Energetic




  • Deliberate
  • Discerning
  • Detailed
  • Analytical
  • Inquisitive
  • Precise
  • Persistent
  • Scheduled
  • Controlled
  • Reserved
  • Predictable
  • Practical
  • Orderly
  • Factual




       LEARNING STYLE?  Learning styles are the keys to the best way to teach your child. Their learning style is the default setting kids go to comprehend something difficult. Many parents mistakenly think if a child has a particular learning style, everything should be taught in that way for him to learn. Contrair. We identify each child’s learning style, so parents know how to  explain difficult concepts in the learning style that will help him understand that which he does not get… BUT every child needs to be taught using all the “other learning styles” to strengthen his weaknesses. In the real world, everything will not come packaged in his special learning style. 

KINESTHETIC  (Doers/Touchers)

  • Favor sports and building
  • High energy
  • Loves to touch
  • Uses body when angry
  • Constant motion
  • Dislikes sitting for long time
  • Uses fingers to count
  • Rumpled clothing
  • Trouble following oral instructions




AUDITORY (Talkers/Listeners)

  • Remembers commercials
  • Uses rhyming to remember
  • Talks aloud when doing math
  • Prefers listening to reading
  • Reads aloud
  • Difficulty reading maps
  • Very verbal
  • Loves to talk to people



VISUAL  (Watchers)

  • Assemble by pictures
  • Close eyes to memorize
  • Observant
  • Good puzzles
  • Watches TV
  • Vivid imagination
  • Looks neat
  • Better reader than listener
  • Rarely volunteer answers
  • Takes many notes


Now go to it and assess each of your kids! This will make you an much better teacher for each child. Remember….you are teaching KIDS NOT CURRICULUM!