It is hard to fathom 60 million aborted babies since Roe vs Wade. What does that number look like to an adult or a young person? Our brains do not think in millions. To get an idea of what 60 million looks like, Jessica decided to use states. If you take the 2nd largest state, Texas, and add the 3rd largest state, Florida, plus the state of North Carolina, you have an idea of what the neighborhood of 60 million people looks like. The destruction of every living person in those 3 three states gives us the ability to wrap our brain around what 60 million innocent lives murdered by abortion in America, since abortion was legalized looks like.

Our former KONOS Rep, Phyllis Phipps, is recommending all Americans who are appalled by the callous disregard for human life as evidenced in the passage of recent legislation in several states to allow late term abortions. This movie trailer is a portent of the powerful movie that is being released this Spring in selected movie theaters around the US.  Please click on the link.

ACTIVITY:  Find the location of the showing of UNPLANNED in your area and encourage everyone you know to invite everyone they know to attend this incredible movie.  People want to know how they can help put and end to this heinous practice.  Here is their chance to help in a big way!

Wade and Jessica Hulcy