KONOS Elementary Curriculum all cover K-8th grade and all present the material in the same way. Although KONOS has different packages of Elementary Curriculum (Original Volumes, KONOS-In-A-Box, & KONOS-In-A-Bag), they are ALL unit studies (Godly Character Traits), Hands-On, & Multi-Level. The differences between them is what comes with your KONOS Curriculum.

What kind of support YOU NEED

determines which KONOS is BEST for YOU

KONOS Families - every family is different and needs different type of support

   Do you bake a cake from scratch?

Original KONOS Volumes…you add library books/ crafts and each volume lasts for 2-3 years!!

Look at KONOS Original Volume I, II, III ($110 each)
Look at KONOS Combos (Curriculum + Timeline Char.) ($148.95)
Look at KONOS Audio Starter Kit ($194.00)
(Curriculum, TL Characters, Compass, Multi-level Video, Writing CD)

OR do you bake a cake from a package?
KONOS-In-A-Bag is Curriculum, a map, some crafts, 1 resource book lasting 1 semester. 

Look at Africa In-A-Bag ($99.00)
Look at Russia In-A-Bag ($99.00)

  OR do you buy the cake from the store?
KONOS In-A-Box is Curriculum, crafts, resource bks., plus a complete writing and literature analysis program lasting 1 semester.

Look at Orderliness In-A-Box ($225.00)
Look at Attentiveness In-A-Box ($225.00)
Look at Obedience In-A-Box ($225.00)

  OR do you want your scratch-made cake delivered?
HomeSchoolMentor.com is step-by-step video support that you can watch anywhere taught by co-author, Jessica Hulcy. You will receive instructions and demonstrations on what you are going to teach to ALL your kids K-8th grade each week with examples of weekly lesson plans as well!

Three Kinds Of KONOS

Original Volumes Features

  • Six to seven Godly character traits with several sub units             
  • K-8th grade activities integrating all subjects, approx. 500 pages                                                       
  • Two plus years of curriculum of hands-on KONOS activities
  • Questions asked
  • Bible verses included
  • Companion Timeline Characters for each Volume available 
  • Colored pages of weekly lesson plans incl Co-op Day activities
  • Suggested writing assignments for Older, Middle, Younger kids
  • Suggested literature to read for Older, Middle, Younger kids
  • Great resource books listed for all topics

KONOS-In-A-Box Features

[Each KIBox Curriculum was written by taking 25-30 pages out of Original Volume 1 and expanding it to 200-300 pages]

  • One Godly character trait with 3 sub-topic units
  • K-8th grade activities integrating all subjects
  • One semester (1/2 a year) of curriculum, 200-300 pages
  • ALL questions answered
  • Daily lessons for Bible and hands-on KONOS activities
  • Includes Timeline Charcters
  • Daily writing (composition) instructions
  • Daily literature analysis
  • Includes 6-8 books
  • Includes 5-7 craft kits for 3 kids, some crafts shared
  • Abundance of Teaching Tips in the margin
  • Many drawings illustrating how-to-do activities

KONOS-In-A-Bag Features

[Each KIBag Curriculum was written by taking 25-30 pages out of Original Volume 1 and expanding it to 200-300 pages (except Russia)]

  • One Godly character/One Country
  • K-8th grade activities integrating all subjects, approx 200 pages
  • One semester (1/2 a year) of curriculum
  • All questions answered
  • Daily lessons for Bible and hands-on KONOS activities
  • Includes 1 books
  • Includes 3-4 craft kits for 3 kids, some crafts shared
  • Abundance of Teaching Tips in the margin
  • Many drawings illustrating how-to-do activities

A Note from Jessica

When Volumes are paired with HSM, online weekly lesson, you “baking from scratch moms” still keep your most bang for the bucks but the help HSM provides ramps you up from “baking from scratch” to “a delivered home baked cake to your door”…

  • A year of units are scheduled and planned with weekly objectives
  • Jessica does all the research of info you teach your kids
  • Myriads of teaching tips with camera cutting to Jessica’s hands ala cooking show

Jessica tells what to emphasis from Bible lessons, her favorite resources and YouTube links, how to involve Dads, what vocabulary to learn and what activities to do each day, what weekly supplies are needed, suggests writing assignments for older-middle-younger kids as well as possible field trips for the entire family. Many times, Jessica appears in costume to hold your attention.


Learn about this great support tool for Original Volumes!!


You Are Not Alone

Yes, doing, dialoging, and discovering is the most effective way for little brains and big brains alike to digest and retain information! But how can you allow creativity to reign free in your house every day and maintain your sanity? With KONOS help.

KONOS help includes ways for families to accomplish the manhy tasks that it takes to teach their children at home and be successful


First, realize you are undertaking something much like our Christian walk. It is not something you finish and master. It is a constant battlefield of struggles that we win some of the time and lose other times. But it's through the failures that we define our character and grow stronger. So it is with teaching. And through the failures, your children (and you) will grow. You're not perfect, don't expect perfection!


Second, get organized. Set yourself up for success. The KONOS Compass is a perfect beginning to each unit, each semester, and each year you plan. In the world of discovery/creativity, sometimes the lines can get fuzzy and the syllabus can adapt and change. Come back to center with a teacher's guide of encouragement and supportive strategies. And when your children's interests change and you want to quickly find KONOS activities, the KONOS Index is another fantastic resource to the three Original Volumes. The KONOS Index will allow you to quickly look through all KONOS subjects and find areas of interest.


Third, get inspired! Creating the Balance DVD's (NOW Available digital download $100 OFF) are jam-packed with seven hours of how-to seminar where Jessica Hulcy shares her secrets to success. She covers how she cleans house, schedule days, plan units, integrate KONOS with the 3 R’s, teach all your children at different ages at the same time, how to think hands-on learning, care for toddlers, and still stay sane! Two of these seven hours of video show Jessica teaching her own children at home and in a small co-op group. This video won’t make you feel guilty. Instead, it will energize you! You will laugh, cry, and learn, all at the same time.

Also, the Dad's Video series helps fathers in… what it means to be the spiritual head, ways to protect and love their wives, effective discipline of children, the necessity of balancing providing monetarily for their family and spending time with their family.

With these powerful KONOS help tools, you can create an environment that will cultivate not only a love of learning, but a love of teaching. You are brave and noble for taking on the most vital task we have as parents, teaching our little ones God's truths at home. Set yourself up to have the most success in accomplishing it.

Creating the Bal NEW (download)