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Christian Curriculum

Although KONOS Original Volumes were groundbreaking in 1983, they were simply the result of God's Word! The "KONOS way" was simply the "Israelite way". Even today, it is Jewish tradition to teach 1st of a self-evident, all-powerful, all-knowing living God as the foundation for all understanding and integrate all subjects into this reality. Using this as the foundation, KONOS' Christian Curriculum simply organized subjects into unit studies (Godly character traits: patience, attentiveness, honor) and added hands-on activities. This mix of learning all subjects under one topic and the myriad of fun activities to get kids up and discovering made KONOS adaptable to all ages. With KONOS, families could learn together instead of separately.

Unit Studies + All Ages Together

But some subjects, such as reading, writing, and arithmetic couldn't be learned together. As a result, KONOS accommodated. The Original Volumes provided reading lists for families to find at the library to suit each reading level. It provided different writing assignments for different age children. And it allowed each family the freedom to find math and language arts curriculum that best fit their child's bent. This kept families learning the bulk of the activities together only to separate for writing and reading assignments that were all based upon the same unit study.

KONOS Re-visited

Some years later, KONOS was adapted from the Original Volumes into KONOS-In-A-Box & KONOS-In-A-Bag. These adaptions provided several changes such as daily lesson plans vs. the original weekly lesson plans. Also, the KIB's provided a mini-library of books, some of the harder-to-find crafts, and a brand new language arts addition that used KONOS tried and true method of visual learning applied to diagraming sentences, outlining writing assignments, and so much more!

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS-In-A-Box

Moms who choose KONOS-In-A-Box may feel pressed, because they have high schoolers PLUS younger kids OR they have an array of commitments… YET they believe KONOS is the best way to learn. They appreciate daily Bible and KONOS lessons with the “2-day-to-complete-it-pace,” books gathered, craft kits supplied, literature analyzed, writing instructions, PLUS tips, answers, and illustrations…all while keeping family flexibility.

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS-In-A-Box Orderliness

I love Orderliness KIB; however, it must be taught when plants are growing/ blooming in your region AND it is very tough to dig up an earth worm when studying animals if there is snow on the ground. The Solar System and the Rocks unit (which comes with a fabulous rock kit that cost me $25 long ago) can be studied first. Then Classification of Animals and finally Plants can be studied in warm spring. The grand finale has a hysterically, informative play…great memories of Jared dressed as a starfish with a Brooklyn accent!