Original Volumes

Our Philosophy

KONOS' Original volumes were simple. No bells. No Whistles. Just three volumes (covering 2-3 years each) with an organized system of units (Godly character traits), a thorough categorizing of ALL subjects required into those different units, and a wealth of KONOS' famous, fun activities to explore with. It also included weekly lesson plans but KONOS' philosophy was never to create a systematic formula checking boxes to drum in a child's ear. It's purpose was to funnel the creativity it provides to you, the parent, to teach your kids in the way that best suits them.

God's Philosophy

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it." This verse is not simply to teach your children the Word of God as the foundation to all learning, but it carries the idea of a child's "bent". A child with artistic talent should be able to spend more "class time" developing his skills. While the engineers need to be able to fidget with things to learn how they work. Part of the beauty of KONOS is allowing the freedom for the child's most important role model, you the parent, to choose activities that will best suit their God-given talents and interests.

Your Philosophy

KONOS Original Volumes are a guide for you to adapt this philosophy as your own and implement it the way that best suits your family. Other products we offer like the KONOS-In-A-Box give you a core collection of books whereas the Original volumes allow you to teach your kids how to find books at the library. Both KONOS-In-A-Box & KONOS-In-A-Bag give you some activities while the original volumes give you instructions on how to use items around the house to complete activities. Or better yet, give hints but encourage children to figure out their own way to build an ear under the table using the list of ear parts. The point is, to implement discovery learners, not memorize only to forget it later.

Jessica's Tips for Original Volumes

Moms who choose volumes are usually confident free-spirits. They enjoy going to library to pick their books, have a closet full or easy access to crafting stuff, want a general guide to daily schedule/pace without sacrificing family flexibility, and love to learn along with their kids. Original Volume and Volume Packages offer the most bang for your bucks!

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS Timelines

The academic value of the Timeline is unsurpassed. A KONOS KID, Heather, was taught using KONOS and found the Timeline helpful even in college. Heather was taking a CLEP exam to give her college credit without taking the history course. The exam question asked her when a certain person did something, and Heather, who had grown up with the Timeline in her home, closed her eyes to see where the person was on the Timeline. Then she opened her eyes and answered. Timelines impact at all ages. Jordan was 5 years old when he was running in the hallway where he crashed his head into the wall the Timeline was on and began to cry. When I came to see what had happened he said angrily, "I hit my head where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are!" Timelines teach all the time.