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KONOS History of the World covers history, English literature and English Comp, worldview, Bible, art and music, critical thinking, geography, humanities/fine arts, some Latin. AND study skills.

H.O.W. is R.A.I.D…

  1. Rigorous research, reading and writing
  2. Activities to increase interest and retention
  3. Train in independence
  4. Dialogue with parent to foster relationships and allow last parental input


H.O.W. is academically challenging through rigorous research, reading, writing and includes great classic literature like Iliad and Odyssey, Bible, Aristophanes, works of Socrates and Plato, Shakespeare, Augustine's City of God, Arabian Night, Norse and Greek mythology, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Ivanhoe, Quo Vadis?, The Scarlet Letter, Johnny Tremain, the US Constitution, The Deerslayer, In His Steps, The Hiding Place, American poetry and much, much more to choose from!


H.O.W. has KONOS activities to increase understanding, retention and fun!


H.O.W. trains students in independent study and research to prepare for college and life.


H.O.W. uses dialogue with mentor/parent so students are guided by wisdom.


HOW 1 Video Support (Product Image CROPPED)

HOW 1: Jessica’s Lecture and Chats (Video Support)

  • Weekly lectures and tips of how to teach History of the World 1 for ALL 36 WEEKS!

  • Jessica personally marking up your student's papers with recommendations to help teach him/her how to write a paper AND you how to teach writing via email!

  • Scheduled Live Chats monthly to answer questions or share.

  • Culminating field trip to Nashville, TN’s Parthenon…. open only to members who have completed the year in this group.

$30 per month subscription through PayPal

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History of the World Year III: Renaissance, Reformation, and Revolution