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BEST Support

Master teacher, Jessica Hulcy, provides the ultimate hand-holding mentoring:

  • Weekly PowerPoint lesson plans
  • One-hour, online video, lesson training
  • Tons of “how to teach instructions”
  • Text/email Jessica with questions
  • Accountability, encouragement, prayer
  • 3 groups: Vol.I , Vol.II, & Vol.III
  • $30 per month with a semester commitment
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When Volumes are paired with HSM, online weekly lesson, you “baking from scratch moms” still keep your most bang for the bucks but the help HSM provides ramps you up from “baking from scratch” to “a delivered store bought cake to your door”…

  • A year of units are scheduled and planned with weekly objectives
  • Jessica does all the research of info you teach your kids
  • Myriads of teaching tips with camera cutting to Jessica’s hands ala cooking show

Jessica tells what to emphasis from Bible lessons, her favorite resources and YouTube links, how to involve Dads, what vocabulary to learn and what activities to do each day, what weekly supplies are needed, suggests writing assignments for older-middle-younger kids as well as possible field trips for the entire family. Many times, Jessica appears in costume to hold your attention.


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