KONOS Patience Unit Study :: Part 2

We spent last week wrapping up our KONOS Patience unit study! Let me tell you something about this KONOS curriculum. It’s all about learning character traits and I’m learning and being stretched just as much as my five year old and three year old, if not MORE. Anyone else with a three year old need an extra ounce of patience? There is a reason they call them threenagers, and I am beyond going crazy most days with mine. She is headstrong, goofy, passionate, and can be so very much fun, but it’s a rough age, folks. I’m trying to move through it as gracefully and patiently as possible for the second time now, and hoping to make it through on the other side not too terrified for the next child to hit that milestone. I wish I could say that I am patient on most days and just every once in awhile I lose it. But you guys, nothing brings out your most inner struggles and weaknesses like parenting. And boy have I got a lot to learn!

All that to say, we busted through this last part of our unit study with as much fortitude as we could muster, and actually had fun doing it! This last section was all about bread making, focusing on how we have to be patient for dough to rise and bake. I like to bake and I’ve really learned to love having my kids in the kitchen helping me, so this was a great way to finish up our study. 

Ivy learned the very basics of making bread, what yeast does, and how to wait patiently when all you want is a slice of right out of the oven bread slathered with butter and jam. Hattie learned that you can be hands-on with things without having to be destructive (insert BIG eye roll here). And I learned that pretzels aren’t that hard to make, even though they look intimidating. Win, win, win!

his was so much fun! Next up…ATTENTIVENESS. Loving what KONOS curriculum is teaching my girls, but also secretly hoping I gain as much from this next one as I did the last several weeks.