Moms’ 3 “Gits”(that’s Texan for Get)… Before Kids Awaken

I have 3 rules that sustained me as a homeschooling mom. If I actually did these in this order when I first got up each morning, my day was guaranteed to start and finish better.


Git up before your kids awaken AND rejoice to The Lord out loud. Ok. This may not be your view out your window, but arise and face a new day saying, “This is the day that The Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it”…because that is TRUTH no matter what your view is out your window. Pray about your day as you go through the next two steps.


Git dressed before your kids awaken… completely with hair coiffed and make-up on.  This makes it so much more pleasant when the UPS man rings your doorbell, and you are not still in your gown peaking around the door. It was a shame that my kids never failed to ask me, “Where are we going?” or “Has anyone in the family died?” because I put on make-up. Augh!

3.         OR      

Git dinner started before your kids awaken. This is the best preemptive game plan for the close of a good school day…have dinner started. I can remember my deceptive desperation right before Wade walked through the door, I quickly chopped an onion and begin sauteing it just to give the smell of a promise of dinner.  Better than that, take meat out of the freezer before the kids awaken. One step better, start the meat in an ancient device called a crock pot for spaghetti or tacos or hamburger stroganoff.  If you have nothing but a a can of tuna in the pantry, take it out and place it on the counter with the hope of adding celery, boiled egg, onions and even apples with mayo.

Now here is the long term benefit. You have not been called to homeschool JUST for you kids education. You have been called to homeschool to MODEL for them an ORDERLY lifestyle… not just a git by lifestyle of whatever. I seldom like the newer way of dressing, talking, behaving…BUT I do like a current word that is much used today….INTENTIONAL. That is a great word  and something this current generation definitely would benefit from being. Be intentional about starting each day off on the right foot employing the 3 Gits. Intentionally MODEL orderly habits to your children.