Old Dog attempting New Tricks

I was crushed by a fire truck.

In 2009, I was broadsided on my driver’s side by a fire truck…CareFlight to a trauma unit…life support for 10 days…hospital 30 days, etc.  Then began my very very very long journey attempting to reclaim lost abilities.

Six months after my life-threatening wreck, someone asked me, “Are you at a 100% yet?”  FYI…. not a good question. She might as well have asked if had topped Mt. Everest…yet. My son Jason measured the floor board to the driver’s side….only a homeschooler would do that! The floor board was crushed from 19 inches to 6 inches. God preserved me. PTL!


          My first therapist

Nine years have passed and I am just now attempting (I use “attempting” a lot) …with the encouragement and help of my son Rhett…a KONOS Blog. My desire is to share with future generations the amazing benefits of KONOS and KONOS-ing …a new verb coined by Rhett meaning “to teach employing the methods established by KONOS.”




I am excited and would love to hear from you!

In Christ Alone,