Old Dog attempting New Tricks

I was crushed by a fire truck.

In 2009, I was broadsided on my driver’s side by a fire truck…CareFlight to a trauma unit…life support for 10 days…hospital 30 days, etc.  Then began my very very very long journey attempting to reclaim lost abilities.

Six months after my life-threatening wreck, someone asked me, “Are you at a 100% yet?”  FYI…. not a good question. She might as well have asked if had topped Mt. Everest…yet. My son Jason measured the floor board to the driver’s side….only a homeschooler would do that! The floor board was crushed from 19 inches to 6 inches. God preserved me. PTL!


          My first therapist

Nine years have passed and I am just now attempting (I use “attempting” a lot) …with the encouragement and help of my son Rhett…a KONOS Blog. My desire is to share with future generations the amazing benefits of KONOS and KONOS-ing …a new verb coined by Rhett meaning “to teach employing the methods established by KONOS.”




I am excited and would love to hear from you!

In Christ Alone,


9 thoughts on “Old Dog attempting New Tricks

  1. It will be good to be hearing from you Jessica. Though a grandma now, old KONOS rep me has passed on the KONOS love. One of our kids is loving homeschooling and it’s a result of KONOS. She sings it’s praises and I know her sister is using it!

  2. I look forward to hearing more from Jessica! We love KONOS! I have 5 children that are benefiting from the three KONOS volumes. So glad the Lord has kept you with us and is restoring you from this ordeal.

  3. I’m glad to see this! I’ve been really sad to see that NO ONE near me seems to have ever even HEARD of KONOS, let alone be using it. I’d love to see your curriculum updated again for new users! 🙂

  4. How exciting! I am so glad you are letting your voice be heard once again – KONOS has been such a great blessing to our family over the past many, many years. I still sing it’s praises and still use my 3 volumes and timeline we purchased when starting our homeschooling journey 27 years ago.
    I look forward to visiting again soon – Blessings to you and your “new trick”

  5. Met you in 2009, at a homeschool convention. Bought everthing you recommended! Including many old books…. used Konos for 2 years. Obedience was the first lesson. I watched your mentoring videos and YOU became my friend through videos. Your accident was such a shock to all that follow you. Your are our homeschool “Mother”. I have followed your journey and prayed for you as if you are my family!! I was so excited to see your post! I live in weatherford, so we are neighbors! May God Bless you, Barbie

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