History of the World IV: American History


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The 35-week curriculum covers American History completely from pre-America ideals through George W. Bush.

Jessica’s Tips for HOW Year 4: American History

I consider HOW 4 my magnum opus, as Charlotte the spider said. With revisionist history invading our culture, I purposed HOW 4: American History to be the final history before students enter into college or life to face deception on their own. I want them equipped with truth and the boldness to speak it well. On one of my American History tours, the UN tour guide was making a case for disarmament to my silent students. She turned to me asking if they understood the term disarmament. I nodded. “Well, I am asking what they think of disarmament.” Still silence, until I said for them to speak their thoughts. Willie piped up, “I believe as President Teddy Roosevelt…’Speak softly but carry a big stick.’ Further, we tried disarmament after WWI  according to the peace treaty where we blew up 1/3 of our navy. That netted us Pearl Harbor.” My heart was smiling inside as we move to the next display following our silent tour guide.

HOW 4 definitely arms students with truth as well as building discernment with thought provoking questions. But I also added Study Skills to each week that train students in specific study methods they can use in college AND normal living. HOW 4 : American History is an amazing tool to train your students… as it did Willie.

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