Creating the Balance DVD Videoes


Creating the Balance DVD:

  • Jessica tells how to:
    • clean the house
    • prepare meals
    • plan and shedule units
    • integrate 3R”s
    • teach multi-level
    • care for toddlers
  • DVD ( 6 ½ hours )
  • Two hours teaching her kids


Jessica’s Tips for Creating the Balance

When we introduced Creating the Balance in early 1990’s, Mary Pride, THE homeschooling guru, commented I had fallen off my pedestal…to which I commented, “Great, I never belonged on a pedestal.” Creating the Balance is a course in how to homeschool showing the potential without the guilt. This was accomplished by allowing you to be a fly on the wall for 1 hour while I homeschooled my kids and for another hour while I taught a newly formed co-op of 5-6 year old’s who had never been together as a group before (very brave considering the cost of the camera man).

Not staged. One astonished mom said, “I cannot believe you let your kids climb on the kitchen counter!” I was unsure of her point but just offered, “He was helping to look for something.” There should be a balance between control and freedom, between instruction and discovery, between telling and experiencing, between order and creative mess, between still reading and moving drama. Every family needs to find the BALANCE for their family.

I have had numerous mothers tell me, I watch Creating the Balance at the start of EVERY year to get inspired with the potential! Mission accomplished. Bottled inspiration without the guilt.



KONOS: Creating the Balance
How-to seminar seven hours on four DVD videos Jessica Hulcy tells how she does wash, cleans house, schedules days, plans units, integrates KONOS with the 3 R’s, teaches multi-level, thinks hands-on learning, cares for toddlers, and still stays sane! Two of these seven hours of video show Jessica teaching her own children at home and in a small co-op group. This video won’t make you feel guilty. Instead, it will energize you! You will laugh, cry, and learn, all at the same time.

What is the Creating the Balance DVD Video about?

Creating the Balance DVD (6.5 hours)

The Perspective (98 mins.)

Origins of KONOS
Rationale: How Children Learn Best
Goals of KONOS
Father’s Role

The Plan (98 mins.)
Choosing Supplements
Co-oping Groups
Lesson Planning: Year, Month and Week
Using the Library

The Preparation (98 mins.)
Planning lessons; Daily
Teaching Footage: Jessica Teaches States and Regions
Dealing with Distractions: Toddlers, Telephone, Field Trips, Home

The Presentation (98 mins.)
Teaching Footage on Co-ops: Jessica Teaches Birds Unit
Discovery Learning
Balances and Bonuses