History of the World Year I: Ancient World Complete



Ancient World
  • Student Text (400+ pages)
  • Teacher”s Guide (100+ pages)
  • Maps
  • Complete Timelines
  • High School for 1 Year

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS History of the World Series

History of the World Series has 4 primary purposes…to cover many of the academics needed for high school transcripts, to grow students in independence preparing them for college/life, to present worthy topics for parents to dialogue with their young adults other than “stand up straight” or “take out the trash” ALL taught in the KONOS FASHION. The character trait backbone has been replaced with a history backbone, and because students are old enough to understand linear chronology, NOW we teach history chronologically… BUT the activities remain, so all the academics will be remembered

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS HOW Year I: Ancient World

HOW I is an easy transition into high school (9th-12th) mainly due to the period of history covered (Egypt, Babylon, Hebrews and others, Greeks). The readings are light, because there are only hieroglyphics and cuneiform until Greece at the end of the year. This allows students to focus on forming habits of working independently and dialoguing with their parents in the beginning.

The history of the Hebrews is unparalleled life preparation. I desire students know God’s plan for mankind which God spelled out when HE gave Moses the 10 Commandment on Mt Sinai AS WELL AS all the feasts the Jews were to celebrate. It is those feasts that foreshadow God’s plan for all mankind….what feasts have been completed and what feasts are yet to be fullfilled. Important stuff!

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