History of the World Year II: Medieval World Student Book


History of the World – Year II:

Medieval World Student Book
  • Student Text (400+ pages)
  • High School for 1 Year

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS History of the World Series

History of the World Series has 4 primary purposes…to cover many of the academics needed for high school transcripts, to grow students in independence preparing them for college/life, to present worthy topics for parents to dialogue with their young adults other than “stand up straight,” or “take out the trash;” ALL taught in the KONOS FASHION. The Character Trait backbone has been replaced with a history backbone, and because students are old enough to understand linear chronology, NOW we teach history chronologically… BUT the activities remain, so all the academics will be remembered!

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS HOW Year II: Medieval World

HOW II is a definite ratchet up from HOW I. There are so many reading and activity choices, students and parents must choose what to read and what activities to do…HOWEVER, because HOW has become a quasi-text book, students should read ALL of the activities since they contain important information…READ ALL BUT CHOOSE ONLY SOME TO DO.

Beginning with Rome and the life of Christ necessitated me writing the history of the early church not found in other curricula…again the marriage of Bible history and secular history, which of course, is ALL history… before moving on to Medieval Times. There are also numerous suggested papers to write. Choose 5-9 papers to write and skip the others. We want to train your students, “You cannot be overwhelmed if you choose/limit your scope.” Cliff Notes are great and partially read books are fine sometimes. Learning how to deal with challenges is vital!


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