History of the World Year III: Renaissance, Reformation, and Revolution


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  • History of the World Year III Student Book (557 pages)
  • Teacher Guide (62 pages; found at the end of each student chapter)
  • Images of 195 historical people for biography cards
  • No map and timeline characters in HOW III
  • 32-week curriculum
  • Christian Worldview
  • Excellent Charts:
    • Art History Chart
    • Musical History Chart
    • Royal Houses of England Chart
    • Rulers of the Netherlands Chart
    • The Age of Enlightenment flow chart

History Covered

  • History
  • English
    (literature + composition)
  • Art History
  • Bible
  • Geography
  • Fine Art
    (architecture, art, music)

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS HOW Year 3: Renaissance, Reformation and French Revolution

HOW Year 3 is the final realization of my dream…to study art history in true KONOS-style with all the history, music, literature, and Reformation rolled together… to prove the Reformation changed art! For  centuries the Church had been the sole patron of art in churches. Enter Martin Luther insisting the common man is worthy to have access to the Scriptures. Voil`a! Now, artist view common man and common scenes worthy to paint…enter the Dutch Reformed painters and Rembrandt’s famous The Mill. Don’t you just love how everything is connected and impacts everything else?

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