KONOS-In-A-Box Orderliness (NEEDS 1 set of Timeline Century Lines)


  • Product needs Timeline Century Lines
  • Attentiveness Curriculum, (287 pages)
  • Attentiveness Timeline Characters* (29 characters)

KONOS-In-A-Box Features

  • One character trait with 3 sub-topic units
  • K-8th grade activities integrating all subjects
  • One semester (1/2 a year) of curriculum, 200-300 pages
  • ALL questions answered
  • Daily lessons for Bible and hands-on KONOS activities
  • Includes Timeline Charcters
  • Daily writing (composition) instructions
  • Daily literature analysis
  • Includes 6-8 books
  • Includes 5-7 craft kits for 3 kids, some crafts shared
  • Abundance of Teaching Tips in the margin
  • Many drawings illustrating how-to-do activities

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS-In-A-Box

Moms who choose KONOS-In-A-Box may feel pressed, because they have high schoolers PLUS younger kids OR they have an array of commitments… YET they believe KONOS is the best way to learn. They appreciate daily Bible and KONOS lessons with the “2-day-to-complete-it-pace,” books gathered, craft kits supplied, literature analyzed, writing instructions, PLUS tips, answers, and illustrations…all while keeping family flexibility.

Jessica’s Tips for KONOS-In-A-Box Orderliness

I love Orderliness KIB; however, it must be taught when plants are growing/ blooming in your region AND it is very tough to dig up an earth worm when studying animals if there is snow on the ground. The Solar System and the Rocks unit (which comes with a fabulous rock kit that cost me $25 long ago) can be studied first. Then Classification of Animals and finally Plants can be studied in warm spring. The grand finale has a hysterically, informative play…great memories of Jared dressed as a starfish with a Brooklyn accent!