Timeline Century Lines: ONE set needed for ALL timelines



  • Lines only; no characters
  • Each line covers 1 centry (1″x17″)
  • 40 centuries (2000 BC to 2099 AD)
  • Must be cut apart and affixed to a wall

Jessica’s Tips for Century Lines

The cut apart lines are so flexible in how and where they are used. I have had BC down one side of the hallway/stairway and AD down the other with Jesus at the end. This is the best way, because it allows kids to see blocks of history and what happened in the previous block just above it …..much better than a timeline in a book that you have to flip back and forth OR placing the lines around the ceiling of the room/rooms. The pyramid clearly marks Christ as the divider of the calendar and with the legend symbols added to characters, definite blocks of history magically emerge! To affix the characters to the wall, 3M spongy, double-sided tape works best.

As a grandmother who still uses the Timeline to teach with, I acquired a 3-paneled, burlap screen from Hobby Lobby. BC is on one side with the life of Christ and AD is on the other side. When I am done teaching my KONOS units,the Timeline goes in the hall closet.