TEACH July 4th

The 4th of July is a special celebration of freedom we enjoy in this great nation. Talk to your kids and share your love and personal sacrifices from those you know who have secured the freedom they now enjoy. Fly your flag. Learn how to treat your flag. Train your sons and daughters to remove their hats and stand erect when the flag is presented. Watch a patriotic movie  or read a patriotic story. Make your 4th of July celebration more than just BBQ and potato salad. Sing the Star Spangled Banner and talk about each word of our national anthem and its meaning and how and when Francis Scott Key wrote it. Celebrate the gift of FREEDOM The Lord has allowed us to have as well as teach the necessity of each of us who enjoys that freedom to act responsibly by VOTING and WORKING  for candidates who will protect our freedom this November. DEMONSTRATE TO YOUR KIDS what you are willing to do to preserve freedom for them.

Then enjoy fireworks with at little bit more of a KONOS lesson on how fireworks work…..

Teach EVERYTHING, whether it is liquid, solid or gas, is made up of atoms. There are 92 naturally occurring different atoms in our world AND they make up the 92 uniquely different elements that occur naturally. Atoms are too small to see, but if you could see a particular atom, you could tell what element it belonged to because of how it was made. Every atom is unique. Oxygen atoms are different from carbon atoms and iron atoms and so on.

Explain fireworks are a mixture of many elements like a cake is a mixture of ingredients. The elements in fireworks are chosen for different reasons just like ingredients of a cake are chosen for different reasons…sugar for sweetness, eggs to bind the cake together, chocolate and vanilla for flavoring, and flour and shortening for the bulk of the cake.

Teach… likewise, each element in fireworks has a different function. Carbon and Sulfur are the propellants and fuel in fireworks just like they are in gunpowder.  Remind all fires and explosions need Oxygen to burn. Fireworks get their Oxygen by adding other elements such as nitrates and chlorates that produce oxygen when needed. The Oxygen aids the fuel (carbon and sulfur) in burning to propel the fire works high into the air as they explode into brilliant colors. Teach every color come from a specific element…. Aluminum and Magnesium produce silver and white bursts, Sodium glows yellow-gold , Calcium salts burn orange, Lithium and Strontium glow red,  Barium makes green, and Copper produces a blue bursts. Antimony makes the glittery look and Iron creates sparks. Name the elements as you see its color in the sky. Review the elements that propel and the elements that make oxygen.

Thank The Lord that we are free by HIS grace. 

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July Celebration!