CULTURAL COMMENT: Teach Your Children to Stand for LIFE!

Recently a Virginia State bill that would allow “late term abortions up to the point of the delivery of the baby” was introduced by Democrat Delegate, Kathy Tran.  As if the bill was not heinous enough, Virginia’s Democrat Governor, Dr. Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist, weighed in on the bill explaining that, “Even if the baby was born alive, the medical facility would keep the baby alive and comfortable UNTIL the mother AND her doctor made a decision to give further medical care for the baby” ….OR POSSIBLY NOT.  Let’s be clear abortion is KILLING a life inside the womb. But now we want to KILL a life outside the womb, if the abortion is botched and the infant lives. This is INFANTCIDE and the next logical step when mothers do not want their babies and doctors play god!
The battle is raging for the soul of our nation.  It is imperative we homeschoolers, steadfastly teach the next generation to fight for the first “unalienable right” in the Declaration of Independence…. LIFE… both in the womb and out of the womb!

ACTIVITY:  Prepare your children for the battle at the ballot box with a quick and easy activity.  Using Wikipedia, look up the Republican Party’s Platform position on abortion and then look up the Democrat Party’s Platform position on abortion. Which political party supports LIFE?

Wade and Jessica Hulcy