When You CANNOT FIND Library Books……



1st, attempt to locate the books and videos on the suggested reading list from KONOS.

2nd, if you find some books from the list….great!!!                                                                                                                                                              BUT if you do not, do not despair or even think about being overwhelmed.  Just repeat to yourself the following words. The Lord must have a special plan for me to teach this unit and HE has just the right books for MY kids to learn from…because as Jessica says…

No unit is built around ONE book.                                                                                                                                                                            No mom has the exact same book another mom has to teach a particular unit.                                                                            No book or lack of book will make or break a unit.

3rd, INSTITUTE PLAN B! I taught homeschool for 24+ years from Plan B, because I was never supplied with a list!



                                                                                                                PLAN B


  • Without your children,
  • go to the children’s section of the library
  • NOT with your book list, but with the subjects list you are covering.


  • If you are studying Obedience, look the related subjects (such as knights, knight’s armor, Medieval kings, Medieval history, Middle Ages, castles, heraldry, jousting, feudalism, etc.) up on the computer or in the card file and write down the Dewey Decimal numbers  beside the subjects.  These numbers tell you where those books are located.  That will take you about 10 minutes OR even faster, ask the children’s librarian to direct you to the shelves that have the subjects you are looking for.
  • Begin pulling books and looking at them. If they look good to you, and have pictures (pictures mean a great deal to me, so the pictures have to resonate with me) AND information that interests you (I have to understand the information), then take them home.  Remember, if books look boring to you, they will definitely look boring to your kids! Check out as many as you need or as many as your library card allows.  You will not use them all.  You only use parts of some, but this is where you obtain your knowledge to teach your children.
  • You are looking for 4 kinds of books…information books, easy readers for your beginners, classic read aloud literature such as Door in the Wall, and biographies. The literature, easy readers/picture books, and biographies are located in their own separate section in the children’s section of the library.  Ask if you cannot find them.  Librarians love to direct and help people.
  • In the KONOS Creating the Balance Video, I take you to the library and literally show you how I choose books. The camera is over my shoulder, as I pull out a book and tell you why or why not to choose it.  Consider purchasing the video on your own or with a group of moms.
  • Remember….what every books you end up with, those are the exact books The Lord wants you to have to teach the unit. If you only have a few, too many might have been overwhelming.
  • Remember….homeschooling is as much about stretching you as teaching your child! You will grow much more through homeschooling your child than your child will.  Not only will you become an expert in the library, but you will learn not to be overwhelmed.  You will learn that a sovereign God called you to homeschool and He will provide whatever it is you will need in His time.  He is going to stretch you and shape you as you stretch and shape your child.  It is agony and ecstasy!!







1 thought on “When You CANNOT FIND Library Books……

  1. Thanks so much for this! This is a good reminder. I had purchased KONOS Volume 1 a few years ago and we used it for a little bit but struggled to find the books on the list. I ended up just finding books on the topics. Eventually, we stopped and put KONOS on a shelf. We tried a few other ways of homeschooling because we thought it would be “easier” than all the book hunting. We spent way more money than we needed to so that we could purchase separate history, literature, Bible, and science. But none of it felt right. It didn’t feel like what we should be doing. The only subjects we felt were working were the ones that aren’t covered by KONOS. My 8yr old daughter (who was about 6 at the time we used it before) has been requesting over and over again to go back to KONOS. Why? Because she remembers building an ear. She remembers book hunting in the library and she remembers all the other hands-on fun. Especially acting out Bible stories. So we are returning to KONOS again with her younger brothers coming along for the ride and she has already had a blast collecting books. It’s not about the book titles but the experiences and knowledge kids gain from a truly hands-on and Character-based education. The books are just an aide in the process.

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