Wooing Co-op Partners

You have decided to use KONOS to teach your children…… because you believe KONOS methods will grow the size of your children’s brains, give your children a love for learning, increase your kids’ retention of what they study, work with your kids’ wiggle by using hands-on and help build your family as you do units together. You have made a wise choice, but when you look around for others to co-op with, there is no one.  You think I do not understand, but I do.

About 25 years ago when we moved from the suburbs to acreage in the country, I realized there were definite homeschooling consequences when moving from urban to rural. We had left all our “play friends on the block” and all our “co-op partners in the area.”  Not to worry, there were a handful of homeschoolers in the county. One of the homeschooling mom’s who found out I was moving into the area, called and asked if I wanted to come to a meeting she was planning in the summer….a ray of hope. After a briefing of what the group was doing, I quickly learned all the other moms had years planned with other curriculum. Ok…time to institute Plan Wooing. Plan my year and make it smashing to share with other moms.

I set to work. As the weeks before the appointed meeting date approached the group grew larger and the organizing mother complained her home was too small. I quickly volunteered my home and to provide all the snacks, delighted to have the meeting on my turf.  I had photo albums of co-ops I had taught in. There were little kid pictures of  preparation for a Thanksgiving meal like the Pilgrims had with no dairy or floured to bake pies or dressing, so the kids had to DISCOVER other ingredients to use that the Pilgrims had available that could thicken. There was a huge discussion on what to use as sweetener until honey was finally agreed upon. Everything was very interesting tasting!


There were old kid pictures of History of the World IV: American History showing the Civil War Ball where both girls and guys had made their own ball costumes, a tea party for Loyalist who supported the Crown and not the Revolution where the absolute finest British manners and talk was demanded,

and a USO party where troops were entertained by the talent of locals such as the Andrews Sisters singing the Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy. Very impressive, but they were still hesitant to join me.

My real secret weapon was…. I showed snatches of me teaching kids from the Creating the Balance Video for moms who did not know what KONOS was like.  And that is exactly what I would tell you to use to woo other moms to KONOS. That is one of the reasons we have just reduced the price of the Creating the Balance Video by $100!!

 The professional footage of me teaching a co-op as well as my own kids is Golden. That alone convinced moms to co-op with me. Nobody cared that I was Jessica Hulcy. They could have cared less, but what they were impressed with is what they saw on the TV screen. They could see the kids were “having fun and they were really learning.”

Download this gem of a resource and use it right now to woo moms with the kids you like to join you in co-oping this year the KONOS way!!